Thursday, April 8, 2010

springtime in philly

I'm glad springtime was ushered in accompanied by Passover-- and it really did feel like springtime here in Philly, as the weather finally began to get beautiful, the days longer, and the buds began appearing on all the trees. I was glad the two came together because it gave me the opportunity to share the change in season with family and friends. Through the traditions and ritual of preparing and participating in the passover seder I also felt connected to those family and friends who I wasn't able to be with this year or who have passed on and are dearly missed.

Springtime brings the promise not only of a little more sunshine (literally), but also, especially for those of us whose energy or get-up-and-dance tends to dwindle during cold winter months, the figurative sunshine of reuniting with friends and a social life that did some winter hibernating! The seder we had on the second night was the first I've hosted without my parents (in a house i was living in that is... I held an amazing seder for friends from my grad school program outside our bus in colorado...) and was a wonderful experience. I was happy to see some new faces at our seder and old (including a friend from high school, I've only connected with once since we both moved to Philly over the summer!), but all happy to be sharing a delicious meal, important conversation (thanks to the theme of child nutrition), and lots of laughs.

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