Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Moishe House London long term aims - April Blog

Well, Comrade Joe had written a great blog about our long term aims as Moishe House London.

He mainly focused on two aspects that both consider long term sustainability. One was the development of a 'council of Moishe' some kind of committee that would help transition happen smoothly if one or more housemates choose to move on.

The other was looking at ways that we could become much more autonomous in terms of funding. Even looking at a future where the house's members are the main funders.

Let's look at what we have done with regards the first suggested action; We developed a list of all the people in the community that are heavily involved with the various aspects of the house. Those that are closest to what we do and those who have a real deep understanding of the ethos.

The next step is that we will be calling those people together as soon as we can (things have been set back a little as the dust settles from our huge move from house to house). It was decided recently that the way we should conduct that night will be to explain why those people have been invited, explaining that we want to look after the community and that any transition must be handled as a community. We can then have an open discussion where we invite those people to help us set out some steps that can be taken to manage any change in personnel in the house.

We are lucky that we have a strong community and feel that this will work well and that we are bound to come out of that evening with a set of guidlines for any changes that may occur. We can then hold subsequent meetings to develop any initial ideas from this briefing.

The second suggestion of our goals for the future was more independent funding, to create a stable community that is not so reliant on just one organisation and that creates some more sustainable stability.

Well, after having a long chat with Kevin and David and knowing that London costs sooooo much to run, we have been looking at various other organisations to help.

We had a veru good meeting with the people at J-Hub who have offered their support based on a proposal.

We are lucky that we have 2 years more to come on other funding that was secured last year. That buys us some time.

What seems to be bubbling is the idea that we look to many more foundations and organisations for funding, so that we spread the risk and that we are not so reliant on jut one avenue. We are doing this on a very small scale at the moment, and from conversations that have been held recently, it seems obvious that we need to expand this way of thinking. We have definitely moved forward from September, spring boarding from our meeting with Moishe HQ followed by J-Hub, it is our intention to continue the momentum and find more organisations to meet with to discuss this.

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