Wednesday, April 7, 2010

For whatever reason, I have been rather uninspired to write this blog. They always seem to sound to revolve around the same themes: a successful event at the House, an unsuccessful event at the house, being overwhelmed, wanting to do more to create community and so on. Life at the Moishe House seems to ebb and flow with the seasons. The build up to an event is filled excitement, nervousness and anticipation and when it is over, I give a sigh of relief and then focus on the next most pressing issue in my life. Whether it be something at work, studying for the MCAT and so on.
For the first time, I read through fifteen or more blogs on here for some inspiration. What I found was even better than that, I read fifteen or more blogs that could have been written by myself. We Moishe Houses' make up a strange conglomoration of unfamiliar yet almost identical lives. Whether it be in London, New Orleans or Portland we are living parallel lives. We all stuggle with the same things like trying to throw a successful and meaningful Passover Seder for thirty plus people, while finding a delicate balance in building our personal lives. We all chose this somewhat hectic yet rewarding lifestyle for a reason: Jewish community is critically important to us in our personal lives and we know that we must help it grow if we want it to be successful. I am enormously comforted by the fact that there are almost thirty other Moishe Houses around the world that are struggling and succeeding just like we are.

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