Monday, April 5, 2010

Anna - MH Budapest - Personal Blog

The past three months meant for us plenty of experiences. Month by month I would like to mention an emblematic event. End of January we had a nice Tubishvat Seder which is kind of particular and as joyful as the real one, because we had the four cups of wine besides reading our “home-made” Tubishvat Haggadah.

In February we had a special Kabbalat Shabat not only because it was the one when Purim began, but because we had a visiting Masorti rabbi named David Lazar who gave a lecture after the delicious dinner. On the last days of March we had our extra-large, extra-long, and international Seder nights. Both of them where held in the Moishe House with round 40 or more guests from which a lot where there for the first time.

Meanwhile I think that after more than a half year of cohabitation we began to reckon each others boundaries and hence how to share the tasks and who to organize ourselves. It is also wonderful that we get more and more publicity (national as well as international, interviews both in radio as in (virtual) newspapers).

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