Monday, April 5, 2010

Moishe Nola, Collaboration

While there are a number of tools to help MH residents collaborate, one that could be useful is an easy to manage list serve to provide postings and notices to other residents.  Every tool for collaboration of residents takes time and energy, but this is another one that could be helpful.

Currently the majority of my personal collaboration is brought about by the chance traveler that visits New Orleans, and by the retreats.

The travelers that visit bring a perspective on our house and an opportunity to learn from not just feedback, but exposure to a different set of experiences that seems to guide each house.
The retreats provide a more unifying experience where the clear mission can be shared and reflected upon.  The sharing often leads to more opportunities, and energy to be directed towards further growing our house.

We look to grow our use of MoisheWiki, and perhaps a few new tools that will help enrich our Jewish content.  Lacking any house members with a Jewish day school background our house benefits the most, in adhering to our core mission, when we have the tools to capably lead diverse Jewish programming.


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