Monday, April 5, 2010

MHPVD: Q1 2010 Quarterly Blog

What a quarter it has been. The year began with a very heartfelt conversation with my dedicated regional director, Jeremy. Our conversation was driven by my anxieties and was ultimately resolved through Jeremy re-telling of the nature of Moishe House. I wondered outloud, "Am I doing enough? Is Providence Moishe House doing enough?" I believe that many MH residents struggle with these questions, so I'll offer my experience for the benefit of others.

As a Moishe House resident and part-time Jewish organizer my goal is to facilitate and open the door to Jewish life for community members. However, each house pursues its goals in different ways. On the call, Jeremy shared his regional and national perspective on the variety among Moishe Houses. He reflected to me that some Moishe Houses (such as Boston and New Orleans) have become full-fledged jewish community centers, while others remains smaller enterprises.

I was blessed to attend a hebrew day school until age 14. During that time, I had many ecstatic and revelatory experiences in prayer, in study and in community. Those experiences sealed my lifelong commitment to Judaism. Over the years, my involvement in Jewish community has waxed and waned, but my commitment to Judaism has been constant.

As a MH resident, I think I can be satisfied with a job well done if our house can create consistent programming for others to taste the joyous richness that judaism has to offer. The best we can do is inspire a few more of our tribespeople to appreciate the Jewish tradition and cultivate a lifelong commitment to bring Judaism into their lives.

- Nathaniel, Providence

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