Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Lessons from this time of year

After just finishing a great Pesach, I would like to share a couple lessons I learned during the holiday. Pesach just finished, and now we are counting the days to Shavuot. Both of these holidays teach us very important lessons in helping to build our character.

In Pesach we refrain from eating chametz, and instead we eat Matzah. When looking at the the two different types of bread, we see that the difference between the two is that chametz rises and is filled with air, whereas matzah does not rise. The dough rising can be compared to a person's ego, when we are "filled up with air" we can become cock and arrogant. Matzah teaches us the importance of being modest. And on the night before pesach we search our house for chametz just like we must search for and remove all of the arrogant qualities that we have.

We see it time and time again in our history; whenever, someone is arrogant they will ultimately meet there demise. Also, the greatest people in our history are the people who have great humility. The best example is Moses, who is considered to be the most humble person to ever live, and obviously one of the greatest.

We are now in a period of time called the Omer. Every evening we count the days until Shavuot. It is thought that every day that we count, we improve a specific characteristic. Ultimately making us a better person.

Wishing you all the best,

Joey Yadgar
Moishe House Great Neck

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