Monday, April 5, 2010

Jayson - MH JHB - Personal Blog

I have absolutely loved living in a Moishe House so far. Being a guy living with 2 girls can get a little crazy, but for the most part it's awesome! :D

I have really enjoyed organising events and programs for other Jewish youth as its something I have never done before and have learned so much from as well as taking part in so many exciting and interesting discussions. It's also great getting to meet & know so many Jewish youth. Having grown up here in Johannesburg, I'm still forming so many new relationships with people.
It has also been quite rewarding to see how much our guests have enjoyed their visits and the programs we have run for them and it just shows even more what a valuable impact Moishe House can have within a community.

Amongst other things, the day to day aspect has also been awesome. I absolutely love living with other youth my age, especially after the experience of my gap year in Israel. I have had such a brilliant time getting to know my house-mates and I have always said, you never really know someone until you have lived with them.

Golf has also been a feature of my day to day routine. Hopefully I'll be below a 15 by the end of the year haha!

All in all Moishe House has been incredible. We have been able to bring Jewish Youth together, connect with the community and create a forum of learning, growing, fun and friendship for others as well as ourselves.

I look forward for to the rest of the year and what we can create!

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