Monday, April 5, 2010

Chickens at Moishe Nola

Chickens make great addition to a Moishe House.

I picked up Gertie, Pearl, Rose and Bubbs in December and they've been great pets of the past 4 months.  The hens regularly produce eggs, trim the lawn, and eat mosquitoes.
The hens are easy to cleanup after and require less work then a dog.

There is the need to build a coop and predators, but with the right materials (leftovers from a sukkah) and clipped wings, the hens will settle in to your yard nicely.

We're averaging 5 eggs a week per bird and it's a great joy to find the eggs each morning.  It's also great to see the birds foraging the yard or picking through the compost.

If you have any questions about getting started, let me know.


jon said...

the contemporary chicken is a docile creature that will deliver joy and bounty proportionate to the labor of the individual.

- The Chicken Manifesto

Sarah Miles said...

oh my gosh! i want chickens. mh chicago is writing a proposal to get chickens stat. watch out, jeremy.