Monday, April 5, 2010

Zsofi - MH Budapest - Personal Blog

I love the time when winter turns into summer suddenly. This happened a few weeks ago in March. When the sun starts to shine very strong I fill with energy and I want to everything in the same time. This time I spent my energy on organizing the Seder Nights for fifty people both evening. We made our kitchen kosher and cooked for three days, but after it we washed all the dishes we were very contented. J

Also Purim was great, we had a visiting Rabbi from Israel. We had a nice Purim (party) together and he hold us interesting lectures. I realized how much we need a leader, to develop not only physically but also spiritually.

The past three months we travelled a lot, my flatmates were in Israel, I was in Vienna and London. We are building our inter-house collaborations J But at the same time we are working a lot, three girls, three ways of life. Sometimes we don’t have enough time to spend it on each other, but we shouldn’t forget that it is also very important to build our inner-house collaborations. That’s what I want to improve in the next month, to have time for ourselves!

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