Friday, April 30, 2010

Goals and the future for MH STL

The goals/obstacles discussed in the Sept post have been worked out. Since I work Saturdays and Heather and Ross are busy planning their wedding/closing on a house, our guests have been considerate to continute their evenings elsewhere come 11:00ish, when the events start to wind down. I am pleased to report on the positive progress of project MH STL Boundary Expansion. We brought in Girls In Trouble from NY and they crowd for this event and concert far exceeded our expectations. We're teaming up with other Jewish organizations in the area to put on dinners, birthday parties, Israeli holiday events, and this will continue when Ross and Heather pass the torch onto the new roommates entering the MH universe. At this point, it is difficult to evaluate goals for the next 3 months with this transition taking place. I imagine with the new blood coming in we will continue with some events, but our calender will have new and different events posted in the months after July. But until then, I want to acclimate the new Moisheniks, which I don't think will take long. They are already regulars and are eagerly ready to jump in!

It's an exciting time in STL!

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Jeremy Moskowitz said...

We're looking forward to the new energy the new applicants bring! Although Ross and Heatehr will always be in our Moishe Hearts!