Monday, April 5, 2010

Inter-Moishe House Collaboration

We at the Moishe House are very fortunate to have an amazing network to work with. The fact is we haven't really taken advantage of that to the fullest here at the RSJ Chicago. We have collaborated with the other Chicago Moishe House on one or two occassions and have shared tips with other Moishe Houses during the last regional retreat and a bit after, but that's about it. I definitely think that we should move in the direction of greater collaboration, but I'm not quite sure how. I guess that's what this blog entry is all about - us sharing ideas on the topic. So here are a few of my ideas:

First, I think it could be cool for several Moishe Houses to hold a joint event on the same day - maybe a celebration of a holiday or a fundraiser of some kind. There would be some joint planning and execution. That would really be awesome because it would provide a sense of community that spans nationwide or even worldwide. It would also encourage sharing of knowledge and experience and help all of us think outside the box because it would some fresh energy to the mix. Which brings me to...

Second, what we are already doing with the blog and the wiki is great because it allows us to share our ideas and knowledge with each other. Maybe we could take turns and schedule conference calls with the other Moishe Houses to share our insights and issues that we're dealing with that month.

Third, a great idea is to use our network to help each other and members of our community to find job opportunities, discounts on products, and services, business partners, consulting in different areas, etc. In other words, we can utilize the contacts that we all have to help each other in different areas.

Also, we can definitely travel between Moishe Houses and participate in each other's events and/or if we meet people from other areas, we can refer them to local Moishe Houses.

That's about it for this blog entry. Hope some of this could be useful. Until next time.

-Rostik, RSJ Chicago

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