Monday, April 5, 2010

MH-Cle, personal blog - Naima

Here in Cleveland there is an awesome opportunity for young Jewish adults in their twenties and thirties through PresenTense, a program made possible by the Jewish Comunity Federation of Cleveland. In short, if you are Jewish, living in the area and have ever had a great idea of a potential business venture, NGO, non-profit, or for-profit business that supports or benifits the Cleveland comunity at large, and are fairly uncertain if this dream is possible or how to ever get it off the ground, this is the fellowship for you! Simply apply at . Three people will be accepted and they will recive an all expenses paid six week intensive business course of masters level work in Jerusalem! This business course will not focus on general marketing concepts of hypothetical business ventures. Rather, your dream business will be picked apart piece by piece by professionals untill all the kinks are worked out. The recipients of this fellowship will also be schooled extensively in networking and obtaining money from donors, investors and philanthropists. Upon their return, they will recive a $15,ooo stipend which they can either live on or use for personal expenses or invest directly into thier business. They will also have the support of the Jewish Comunity Federation of Cleveland in their search for funding, employees, networking, etc. This is an amazing oppertunity! I am definitely applying for it and I have spent a lot of the last month and a half telling all of the creative, innovative Jews around about it! I hope that all my Moishe House roommates apply for it as well (cough, Ti, the dead line is April 15th, don't miss it, cough).

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