Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Inter-house collaboration: MoHoLo

Inter-Moishe House collaboration is a little different for the international houses, I imagine. We're separated from most of the other houses by that Atlantic ocean and there's just a handful of houses in Europe.

But we've had a little contact with one or two of them. Last month, we at Moishe House London hosted the Marom (Conservative Young Adults) European conference delegation for an evening, to tell them about what we do and other exciting Jewish things going on in London. The leader of the delegation was Eszter from MH Budapest and we hatched an outlandish plan, only half-serious but enamoured with the idea nonetheless:

So one weekend MH London residents travel to Hungary and stay at MH Budapest, and at the same time MH Budapest residents come and stay at MH London. We each run a Shabbat in the other's community, a kind of Moishe House house swap!

OK, so there are drawbacks, like not spending time with the residents of the other house, and not being able to find where anything is in the kitchen. But we think it's a crazy enough idea to work and would probably lead to further collaboration.

In the meantime, MH Chisinau have written to us and asked if we want to be pen pals. You've got to start somewhere, right?

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