Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Vernal Equinox


Already I've sat in the hammok,
Hiked in the woods,
danced outside,
rode my bike for no reason,
and more than anything fantasized about the greatness that will be this summer. Many of my social circle are finishing undergrad this year, some are going away for grad school... so there's a perceptible imperative to make as much of this summer as we all can.

But first, I'll have to survive finishing my semester, while keeping up with work, teaching, performing in a full-length modern dance production, and of course keeping the house pumping with life and energy as the center of our little community.
Two more community members moved in up the street this season... a sure sign that we're doing something positive towards a real neighborhood.

On the other hand, I'm super-duper broke and about twice as tired. At least I can fall asleep in a hammok finally!

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