Wednesday, April 7, 2010

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Moishe House as a contemporary lifestyle

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It has been approximately half a year since Moishe House was set up in Mexico City.

My oh my, how time flies.

In many ways, the experience of living in one of these grassroots community centers is now such an ordinary and common part of my everyday life that it seems to me that there was no other way of living before this.

Nonetheless,when I sit back to think about it, it dawns on me that t there´s a huge chunk of people that don´t live in a Moishe House and wouldn´t want to. This is not only because these people are not jewish (duuh!), but because the plurality of lifestyles found in our modern world makes it impossible for the Moishe House proposal to be a common denominator, and it shouldn´t.

However, for mexican jews like me, it is a pretty attractive deal.

When exploring the multiple lifestyles one becomes aware of the peculiarities of his own habits and rituals. So, there should be something particular about living in a Moishe House that would make it stand out as a lifestlyle worth living.

So, as important as Moishe House is to many of us, let´s, for one minute, suppose that outside of the Moishe House microcosm there are people that don´t live in one and wouldn´t even want to. What on earth is THAT like? Is it advisable for anyone to live in one? What are the pros and cons of living your life based on a day to day schedule in which your house is a focal point for community?

Ok,when living in a Moishe House, there´s all the cleaning up to do, and this is definitely something that is not so common in other lifestyles (unless you´re up for the rock and roll lifestyle full of debauchery).

Also, there are moments in the Moishe House experience in which you wished you had no friends at all, just so that you could enjoy a moment of solitude: piece and quiet are rarely attributes of the Moishe House lifestlye (unless, of course, you´re organizing a meditation event).

There are, however some things that few other contemporary lifestyles have that are strictly and purely part of the Moishe House way of living. These are, for me: peoplehood, solidarity, network and international feel. In other words, the mere fact that your house is a seeding ground for an international movement makes living in one of these little babies a hell of a ride. This is something that few other lifestyles offer and that constitutes, for me, the most forward-thinking part of the whole Moishe House inniative.

It´s a Monday night here in a cafe in Mexico City, and, unlike the people seated next to me, I´m writing a blog that´s dedicated to a whole group of people with whom I share a common lifestlyle towards a common goal. I´m lucky to be a part of it.

Alan Grabinsky

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