Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Praying for music

Last couple of months for all of us here in Warsaw was a major step forward. We had a lot of small and big events, organizing a lot of different stuff which had a large impact on ourself and of course all others. But for me specially it was a very special time. It's reason it was a organized by me a concert in synagogue of jazz trio Mizrachi with a grate musicians.

Besides music, it was success of my idea of bringing more life into the temple. It appeared that with paying respect to religion, the sacrum of that place it can be a good place to meet with other people and experiencing something special. Music gives people a very special experience that can be compared only to religious feelings. So even if one is not religious or atheist even music can give an idea of religion.

This time in Warsaw synagogue we could give that experience to all of our friends, and to other people who came. And what is very important show that temple can be used not only for prayers and religious purpose. That is very important for community, and to all others to show people what is synagogue, what temple can be and is. Let's hope it's a beginning of a new tradition!

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