Monday, April 5, 2010

Moishe House Buenos Aires - March Blog - Inter House Collaberation.

Nowadays, the basic inter exchage that we have with other MH is whenever we,or the people that are part of the MH community here , travel to other cities where MH are opened. For example, one activity that we copied and re adapted to our ways is the study hall,taked from MH Philadelpia,when Guido travelled there a few months ago.

Another way is through members to their communities that travel to Buenos Aires and they get in touch with us to know what do we do and to join our activities. We usually have people from abroad in our shabbat dinners, tzedaka event and others.

We think that a great idea will be having a one moishe mundial conference every year with one member of each house in representation. That way the MH will be really global and work together to develop all the potential.

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