Tuesday, September 30, 2008

September in Chicago

This was a fast month. The theme of a lot of our events this month seemed to be things happening in Chicago that maybe you would be interested in but would never actually get around to going. I was really happy that Moishe House was able to be the impetus for people to try new things, go to different types of events, etc. Part of this might have just been us getting out of the house as much as possible in these last few days of summer, but I think it can be a great service to provide to our communities.

A few other things. The east coast retreat was great. It was very short, but I still feel like I got a lot out of it. Part of what is so encouraging about these retreats for me is that even though we all have very different communities, versions of religion, types of events, houses, etc. when we come together I realize that a lot of us are not only dealing with a lot of the same logistical issues, but also a lot of the same ideological issues.

One last thing. We have a few righteous indignation events coming up. I'm really excited about these. More on that next month I guess.

Ilana Schuman-Stoler MH Chicago!

Yay moishe house. I am so glad that we are part of this community. After going to the retreat I realized how wonderful this community really is. I am so grateful for the work that is done at the Moishe House office and with CLI and I am so excited to see what happens next. With everything that is going on in this world (in this country!) it is nice to know that the Moishe House is on the brink of NEW. It is progressive without being overbearing and it is really good for so many people! The retreat and our subsequent planning have really inspired me and I am very excited to continue with it! Especially with the election, it will be really fun to be able to talk about all these things with the other members of our house and community! So much to come!!! See you next time!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

MHSeattle, Neal Schindler, 9/24/2008

Food is a big part of the Moishe House Seattle experience, and I've found that four weeks among people -- and not just people, mind you, but Jewish people -- who like to cook has inspired me to do more inventive and exciting cooking than I've done in many, many years. Tonight my friend Elana came over and we made a dessert whose recipe we'd gotten from Rabbi Jacob Fine (of UW Hillel and Jconnect) and his wife, Julie. It was Mexican mocha pudding with pumpkin cream, something I'll surely make again in time for Halloween, if not before.

Being in a kitchen that's well stocked, and working with a pantry that has a lot of basic ingredients already in it (haven't had such a thing at my disposal for, again, many years), is thrilling. I've been eating too much lately, moving steadily toward the dreaded "Freshman Fifteen" that Masha warned me about, but hopefully I'll be able to straighten myself out fairly soon and eat in greater moderation. It is nice, however, to eat so well and to witness such passion for food and cooking on a daily basis. And I'm so, so grateful to live in a house where I can wander upstairs hungry around lunchtime and find that Tamar has made beans and rice, quinoa tabouli, and hummus for everyone to enjoy. I'm one lucky Jew.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Movin' in

First, let me say how fantastic is was to meet everyone in DC.

I may have missed my flight back to STL, but you can't win em all.

I really enjoyed connecting, rapping, and engaging with everyone, and its always nice to know that I'm not alone in the struggle.

As an update into MHSTL, we signed a lease on a gangster house in a really interesting part of St. Louis.

Half our block are young, upwardly mobile gentrifiers, while the other half are lower middle class families.

We already identified the bar at the corner as an ideal place to open a line of credit.

Mostly, though, we are really excited for this Shabbat. We are inaugurating our place, and hope to finally seat everyone comfortably.

Things move fast, and we hope for some sustainable growth as we move forward.

The joy of moving house

Dear Moishe Housers,

MH London is moving house this weekend, after we took the decision to leave our current (great) house because our landlord has been treating us badly. On the plus side, our new house is really great, has just as much entertaining space and has a lot of character.

I am not a good mover, a feeling a little bit anxious about the whole thing. We have created so much from this house, that it feels scary to think we now have to do it somewhere else. This house is so familiar to people, ut we now need to introduce somewhere new to people.

But when I have my rational head on I realise everything will be alright. Our community is really about the people, and we are moving as a house and our wider community with follow us. We can seize the new move as an opportunity for taking advantage of new good aspects of our new house and keep things fresh.

So dont worry all. MH London is on the up and the move will not change things. After all, the Jerwish people have moved many times and evolve, so why cant we.

Heres to a great month ahead for all Moishe Houses.



Monday, September 22, 2008

Moishe House London - Joel - August/September

OK some biggies to cover here.

First of all Burning Man. My fifth time at That Thing In The Desert and it was awesome. Our camp, Sukkot Shalom, lovingly organized by the guys from MH Providence, was a great place to be, and our enormous Shabbat Potluck truly brought a taste of Moishe House to Burning Man. Other than that, I painted myself head to toe in green body paint and did a bunch of other things I won't even start to describe. But, as always, the thing about Burning Man, in the end, is not the sensationalist spectacle or the crazy activities, but the people, the generosity, the learning, the transformation, the sense of coming home and the Playa's way of giving me exactly what I need, exactly when I need it.

Next up - I handed in my masters dissertation, about which I'm very pleased. Interactive theatre and its effect on the interactions of its audience. You can read it here. And yes, it's also about Burning Man. Managed to get it in without much fuss.

And well, what's going on now... The not so little matter of our moving out of our current abode and into a new house a few streets away. MH London shall have a new home. And it's luverly. In order to afford our lovely new home we've taken on a sixth resident in the house, although she won't be a full MH London resident (if that makes any sense). But she is Californian and she's lovely too. (Her name's Amanda and the link came about via an old regular at MH Silver Spring.)

So there's lots of packing to do and pretty much an event every night this week. Now, back to my packing.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

MHSeattle, Neal Schindler, 9/18/2008

Life at the house is good. I made wasabi ice cream today, with help from Masha, and one other person liked it enough to have seconds. We've had a bunch of events lately -- last week saw a Tuesday potluck, a Thursday coffeehouse, and Shabbat dinner -- and I find that eating the right amount is becoming hard. So much good food so often, in such a comfortable social setting; I'm afraid I'll regain the "freshman fifteen" my housemates have warned me about. On the other hand, what would a tight-knit Jewish community be without lots and lots of food?

I'm kind of amazed sometimes that within the space of just a few months I've become part of this vibrant, fun community full of smart, entertaining, kind people. I'm blogging late at night, so I should probably save further, more grandiose thoughts for later, but I wanted to say that more than three weeks after moving in, I'm still really glad I did. And I think it had to be this way -- I had to spend six and a half years in Seattle before I could comfortably move toward my Jewish identity in such an overt, meaningful way.

Quick update on the Israeli film series: The first film will now be "Sweet Mud," since "The Galilee Eskimos" is still on the festival circuit and therefore tough to get ahold of. October's film will be the widely praised (and Sukkot-appropriate) "Ushpizin," and in November we might screen "Bonjour Monsieur Shlomi," which Masha really likes. There's a particular projector I've got my eye on for the house, but we'll have to see whether it makes sense to buy one new. For September, we'll borrow one from Mo Fine, a community member who's also a filmmaker in her own right.

Tomorrow I have lunch with Leyna Krow from Jew-ish.com, the site I'm currently blogging for, and meet in the evening with members of the committee in charge of reviving Seattle's Nextbook literary salons. The first one in the 2008-09 series, scheduled for Oct. 23, is about sex, and I'm reading Neurotica to prepare for it. I like how the components of my newfound Jewish life -- Moishe House, Jew-ish.com, Nextbook -- overlap naturally and freely. And I like that I'm blogging more, even if the fact that our Wi-Fi is strongest at night means I'm often doing it after 1 a.m.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Moishe House East Coast Regional Retreat

Hola, all!

East Coasters, it was excellent seeing you again or meeting you for the first time this weekend. I hope everyone enjoyed the retreat and arrived home safely and without incident.

MH Great Neck, I am sorry we missed you today. I hope everything is restored back to where it should be for you folks.

Thanks, Jeremy, for your kind words you spoke of us at the retreat. Seriously, if ever any of you should find yourselves in need of or desiring a place to stay in good ol' Silver Spring -- whether for a few minutes or a few days -- you are always welcome here.

I hope we can bring our artistic energies out more next time we are together. :)

Shana Tovah!

And: Happy Week. :)

Sincer-i-ly spoken,

Thursday, September 11, 2008

August heat at MHP

Well the serious temperatures certainly haven't stopped us here at MHP from getting down with our bad selves. We took some time to cool off at our Ice Cream and Incredibles event and definitely chilled out while sipping our home brewed beer at our Brewing Club event. Becca's birthday was also a happenin' time for the Moishes.

This is my first summer in Philadelphia since I started going to sleepaway summer camp in 1998 and I have to say it has been a GREAT success. I hope all those from other Moishe Houses are doing as well! TTFN - Tata for now!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Rachael - MHSS - August recap, Sept. anticipation

Ah...seems I neglected to blog last month. How is it that I, who was once so on top of blogging, am now so very forgetful of it? Thanks, Alan, for reminding me!

I am finding myself strangely awake right now -- strange, because many days of the past two weeks I have been fast asleep by 10:30pm; and because, save for a short, intermittent nap this afternoon, have been awake since 4:43am after receiving 4-5 hours of sleep and being out / working / exploring / performing physical labor all day. -- Perhaps the caffine in this fabulous Dark Coconut tea has some part in it? Or perhaps it's my excitement over this weekend's Moishe House East Coast Retreat.....

-- Well, I lost internet, and now I'm back. However, I am going to take advantage of it being almost 1am and will go to sleep. Stay tuned....

....and we're back!
Welcome indeed.

So: these [occasional] early mornings are due to one of my marketing gigs (start time: 5:45am). (I actually really like it! Up early, in downtown D.C., got a new friend or two to talk to.... & then the whole day to walk around D.C. or come back home!) (I saw the Jim Henson exhibit, a film-in-society exhibit [& more -- but I don't dig melted car parts or plain dry-cleaner hangers posing as art] at the Hirshhorn, the National Museum of African Art, an art installment exhibited throughout the D.C. Government building, the Smithsonian Castle exhibits, .....)

I've been doing a decent amount of events; I'm now teaching with two independent Jewish communities (one meets Sunday mornings -- 6th grade, & we cover everything Jewish we can in as fun & engaging a manner as possible -- I don't want to be bored!; and one meets Tuesday afternoons near Eastern Market [gorgeous neighborhood] -- three rotations of kids: K, 1/2, and 3/4 -- I cover chugim [holidays]); I'm still substitute teaching; and I've just begun working with Yards Away as a marketing consultant. And I still love OTR.

August was snazzy. I went to Rehoboth Beach for the first time ever! We built quite a constructional feat (entirely out of sand, save for some of the decorative embellishments) to protect us from the rising tide -- and it worked!
We had a great time meeting our Campaign-from-Burma and Avodah / AJWS reps who came to speak with us during our Olympics / Human Rights in China event.
Also Awesome: Lindsay & Aaron Moved In!
Sidenote: Ever seen a 7-lb. zucchini?

I've noticed that in recent years, I have been not at all ready for summer to be done, and have begrudged autumn its coming; yet this year feels different, and I know September is bringing some of my favorite things: apple-picking at the end of the month, more time with family, some good Shabbatot, our apples are ripening, peppers will ripen (I'm quite excited about them!), and of course, this weekend's Shabbat & East Coast Retreat combo! I wouldn't mind another month or so of, say, July; but, alas: such shall be life!

Back to Alpha-Aleph. Much lovliness to all!
May the coming year bring you love and growth, discovery and bliss, happiness and friendship.
Shana Tova!

~ Rachael

MHSS Alan likes the summer (sometimes)

I'll make no secret that fall & winter are my two favorite times of the year: chilly breezes, warm chestnuts and hot apple cider, frolicking in the snow and the fallen leaves, Sukkot and Thanksgiving, Chanuka and New Years.

But I must say: this summer was not too shabby! We went to the beach. We went on hikes. We're going camping soon with MHs Philly & Hoboken! I rode my bike all over and acquired an awesome picture on my facebook of me on the National Mall with a sunset sky (approx. 8:30pm) behind my head.

Our new MHSS Moishketeers, Aaron & Lindsay, have jumped right in to the project with gusto. They are awesome and deserve to be accoladed publicly. Other MHers in the Eastern Region will get to meet them this Sunday at our Regional Retreat.

One thing that hasn't satisfied me is the lack of Shabbat programming lately in the Moishe House here in S.S. Maryland. We've all been so busy on the weekends with other stuff going on that we haven't had a living room-style Kabbalat Shabbat or relaxing late-night-extending chill and chuckley home-cooked Shabbat Dinner in a while! Next month we will change that!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Victims of our own success

It started with a vision, that the spread out masses of Jewish Young Adults in St. Louis could have a place to congregate, a place to come together, meet each other, make some new friends, and feel comfortable at whatever level of Jew-ish they wanted to be.

This past Friday, after hosting over 20 people, we figured out a few things.

We need more. More space, more silverware, table space and chairs. As much fun as it is to have half the group sitting around a dining room table, and the other half sitting on couches in front of the TV, it would really be better to have everyone sitting together.

Another thing is social dynamics. It is often hard to balance all of the personalities, interests and occasionally, egos.

A friend suggested a seating chart to try to put things in harmony, but I really don't like the idea of forcing things any more than necessary. We want organic bonds to form. Its not a fundraiser after all.

How have you managed to deal with the Moishe Movement?

Saturday, September 6, 2008

MH-SAC Jen's time to shine

We had another MHS sushi night. It was a blast. People came out to eat sushi and hang out and relax. It was a nice break from working in the hospital. It will be a routine thing, b/c people loved it. I think they like the saki that went with the sushi...but regardless, it was a lot of fun. Relaxing with a group of people was what I needed. My pediatrics rotation has been a lot of fun, but also exhausting. I really like working with the kids. It is the waking up by 5am part that I could do without. We have a bunch of events planned for this month. I am really looking forward to the world music festival. It is nice having these events to do each month. It forces me to get out the hospital and hang out with fellow Jews who have nothing to do with medicine!

-Jen MH-Sacramento

MH SAC-August Rush

Hello all,

So August was a heck-of a month. School started, and my new 2nd and 3rd graders are as cute as can be. I have finished my masters degree, so now I only have classes on Tuesday nights and once a month on Thursdays. Otherwise I am free to make a million photocopies of homework assignments for my kids. If you can't tell I am a little wrapped up in my work. I did get a chance to go to the California State fair though, and it was magical.

-Elishama Goldfarb MH Sacramento

MHLA Dave 9/6 Vote for Obama!!!!

Oh man oh man.......For one of events this months we went to see Tropic Thunder. I just have to say that Robert Downey Jr.'s performance stole the whole movie for me. The movie can be sort of offensive to some people (my mother for instance would hate this flick), however, if you can take the over the top humor I promise you'll have a great time. Anyways, this next month should be fun as we are planning on having a cooking class (mainly Jewish food themed) at our house next month. We already have bunch of people interested so I think it'll be a great addition to events at the L.A. Moishe House. Hopefully we can apply some of the recipes learned into a Shabbat potluck for this month as well.
Have a great September to all other Moishe Houses!!!!
~MHLA Dave

Thailand Jews

if you've ever travelled around thailand and not run into a bunch of israeli travelers, then you probably haven't been trying at all to meet others. israelis represented far and away the largest representation of travelers from any single country in Thailand, and it was a great chance to practice some hebrew and to meet some fun people. a number of the travelers i met expressed plans to come through san francisco, and i told them they'd be more than welcome to stay at my place. in fact, i told them if any of their friends from israel were traveling through sf that they should give me a call. hosting travelers is enjoyable for me, and i like to think it provides an ideal travelling situation for the foreigner. that said, if any of you know anyone from outside america travelling through san francisco, please tell them to contact me. i'm still out here in southeast asia, and the internet connection keeps timing out. i hope this post works. cheers.

what's the one thing missing from this post? you got it, capital letters.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Masha Shtern, MHSeattle, September 2008 - warming: depressing!

It's funny that ever year I forget how the colder season feels, until it comes.  It doesn't fail to sneak up on me every year.  Last week there was a day where it was so chilly my body was reminded of the winter, and how miserable my joins feel and how I can never get warm enough no matter how many layers I put on.  Especially in our drafty old house, which I has been so great during the summer.  I'm a little sad to be reminded of all this, and it really got me down.   And in turn, I got a little upset that it got me so upset.  I wonder how much of the seasonal mood swings come from an actual lack of sunlight and vitamin D, and how much of it comes from the fact that all our other problems seem more visible where there's no yellow disk in the sky calling your outside.  Of course, it seems like the latter, and it reminds me of the fact that I should really work through those things... 
Although frankly, I'm not that sad at this very moment, but I just wanted to get that out of my system.  At the moment, I'm in West Virginia in a tiny town of Berkeley Springs, because my best friend is getting married on Sunday.  Joel and Tamar are here, too, and we've just had a lovely impromtu Shabbos meal in their hotel room.  I almost missed my connecting flight and had tomato juice on my butt today, but I also saw a gorgeous sunset and visited a Dunkin Donuts, which apparently, we don't have anymore in Seattle!  But enough of this graphomania, it has never been my forte, and I shall leave you with what I do best: a recipe.  This is a tribute of sorts to the passing summer, hopefully you will have enough good weather where you are to be refreshed by this.

Buttermilk soup - so simple, refreshing and delicious

chopped or grated cucumber
lemon juice
fresh chopped dill
finely chopped garlic - about one clove per 2 cups of buttermilk

All the amounts are to taste, keep trying until it tastes right to you. Mix the ingredients cold and chill in the fridge for a couple of hours or overnight for the best taste.

Shabbos Dinner

I write this mere minutes before I must extinguish the flame of my notebook to the sanctimony of shabbos law. We're having a house dinner tonight and the first one for our new housemate Eleanor! I just got home but the house smells great. Just like fresh baked challah, yum! Good night everyone shabbot shalom.

Moishe House Portland


September is a time of pick-up; it's that sort of energy where people begin whirling about, perhaps a bit more than we do in summer... People are beginning to set and store energy and foods for the winter... cause it's a-comin! It's amazing to dedicate a season to preparation! There are lots of amazing other things that come and go in the fall, such as the hottest days of the year in San Francisco...

Maia has been out of our house for a whole month now... Ari, away for a month and Dave in and out, away at camp... and life here has been nothing short of wonderful in the empty house and very full summer month of August. I have also felt some of my tension release as I am planning on moving out of MoHo SF, a decision that for me solidified over talks with the remaining housemates of how to inhabit the space that Maia created by leaving the house... Besides being a dear friend, an amazing co-worker/programmer, supporter and co-habitor Maia has been an ally... Something that I am stringently aware I no longer have in the Moishe House.

And now, I leap into a blog about the larger organization, using it as a model/mirror of the smaller house that we created... And before doing so, I'd like to say that I know there is wonderful amazing good that comes from the Moishe House organization, and this entry has little to do with that part of the "product" of the Moishe Houses worldwide; I address all of the 'good', really as the foundation from which I acknowledge the strains of the organization, -weaknesses which are potential strengths if worked on. And very importantly, I express all of this, just as it is, as neither good, nor bad; and as my experience. And with more of a disclaimer than content detail that I will write about, here we go:
The structure of Moishe Houses, in my experience, continues to be minimal. While as a living member of the Moishe House, I believe that this has been one of the keen strengths of the organization that has kept me involved, having so few guidelines has been an issue for me. I find a lack of primarily support- both in administration and in household matters...---and, I guess, a general lack of initiative on the administration's end to both follow through and create change I want to see within the organization (and there for through the organization). It has been set up slightly less functional than efficient and ideal.

The places where I initially saw the niches to be filled and social justice to be addressed and partially implemented from within, -well, here, I haven't been successful... I see this in part due to both the loose nature of the organization, and lack there of -of organization. Creating safe space, for example- a key in both communicating and in creating community, and especially in creating an organization's foundation- right? I haven't seen this discussion really happen within the organization. There was a moment in which I co-presented a workshop on defining/getting to know/creating safe space in Moishe House communities at the regional 'retreat' this past year, which was in reaction to 'unsafe space' that was part of the programed 'entertainment' (< In our house, because this is primary for me, we've had several discussions, the bare bones of which I've posted at the mintranet online message board for other residents to access should any be interested. It has been a discussion that we have had, bridged and attempted to implement, in some cases with success, and in others, we have found that we could use a lot of work and more practice successfully implementing. ...All processes, whether hard or easy, regardless of the outcome, have been practice and experience.
What happens when our visions for creating community for the purpose of social change differ? What happens when we have difficulty defining social change? and community? What happens when we access on part of our community? How do we/can we change our programming? What about our lifestyle choices? What happens when these seem to be in conflict with one another? How do we continue to create/expand our community- or do we choose to let it be idle? What about internal conflicts and personality conflicts? How do we bridge/resolve these within the structure and lack of structure of the organization? ---These are some of the topics that have come up in our house, places where we have found our differences and have yet to come to resolved conclusions. -Important places where safe space has been used as the foundations to speak and share from/with each other. Places where we as a collective have needed more support.

Perhaps safe space is still a new topic for folks, for whom I encourage further research and interest. And for this organization of people learning to organize, I believe creating the foundations of safe space are a good direction in which to go.

And, cheers- L'chaim to an organization in it's budding, with a long way to go... and a lot of ground already covered, as there are houses worldwide, and thus opportunities for others to explore and create the personal experience of what it is to be Jewish, a leader and an adult.

And why write about it all now, on the blog- for heaven's -and earth's sakes, -that's why! Because I'm using this blog to express a bit of my opinion, -for which I have found no other place to share.

Life is evolving, and, I will keep this entry both this brief and this vague. Enjoy friends- enjoy!

And, Happy birthday to the Virgo-ians!

MHSeattle, Neal Schindler, 9/5/2008

It's September, and the Nextbook literary salon series, which I hope to land at the Kibbutz (aka Moishe House Seattle), won't arrive anywhere until at least October. So I need to plan and lead an event, and I want that event to be a cinema night. I've been looking at Israeli movies online lately, and except for a few films (Broken Wings, Late Marriage), I'm pretty unfamiliar with Israel's cinematic output. But not for long, I hope. I visited Scarecrow Video -- Seattle's premier video store -- yesterday in search of Israeli movies, and I rented two: Sweet Mud, about life on a kibbutz, and Or, which is about prostitution and promises to be a tad intense. I definitely want to program a series that isn't a total downer, and I could be wrong, but Israeli films seem to visit dark themes more frequently than, say, French films.

Anyway, I'm seeing Sweet Mud because a kibbutz-themed movie, provided it's good, would be an apt kick-off selection, and Or because it looks terrific and has an actress from Late Marriage, which I'm also considering screening, though it's devastating -- heartbreaking -- and contains a very, very graphic sex scene. Maybe I'll work my way up to programming that one. It's funny to feel like I have to warn people -- adults like me -- about graphic sex scenes. But of course, everyone has different sensibilities, and we don't want a very awkward room -- we want a room that's been warned about potential awkwardness and has made an informed choice to participate in it. But I digress.

My hope is to have an Israeli film series -- maybe a half-dozen films, maybe a few more -- followed by a series of Jewish films that aren't Israeli. I'll introduce each film, screen it, and then facilitate a discussion. There will be popcorn and sometimes thematically relevant food. My main obstacle is technological: We have a smallish screen that we can transfer DVD playback to, but no projector, and no large-screen TV. We need to either borrow something for the September screening or purchase a projector for the house. A worthy investment, to be sure, but not a cheap one. I'll start looking online at projector prices, and I'll also see if anyone has a projector we can borrow in the meantime. Worst-case scenario, we have the first screening at the house of people with a big-screen TV. But I'm hoping it doesn't have to come to that, because it's nice to have events at the house. Reinforces the whole concept that it's the destination for all -- or at least a significant portion of -- your Jewish cultural needs.

Okay, I'm operating on too little sleep. (I took Masha to the airport this morning, leaving me alone in the house until Monday night. Ah, the crazy parties I'll have here while my fellow Kibbutzniks are away! No, no -- just kidding.) Time to sign off. If anybody out there has run a film night and has helpful hints, let me know. I'm at neal.schindler@hotmail.com.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Oh baby. This month, three very important parts of my life came together to form one raucously good time – Havdalah, dessert, and foot stomping guitar playing unabashed singing at the top of my lungs. Our Havdalah Hootenanny was a great success, and an event that I hope we’ll repeat again some time in the near future. As it tends to happen with good events, the idea came very organically. After one of our July Shabbats we decide to bench (not a normal practice at MHDC) and once we started benching we just. couldn’t. stop. Guitars came out and singing continued well into the night. So we called on some of our more lyrically/musically/tonally talented community members (shout out to Josh and Megan) to lead us in an event devoted EXCLUSIVELY to singing up a storm. It felt like the Jewish summer camp that I never actually managed to attend. We sang classic Havdalah songs and a few new ones, we sang Debbie Friedman and Joni Mitchell, and I’m not ashamed to say that we even degenerated (though I might argue that it wasn’t degeneration but REgeneration) into choruses of Backstreet Boys and Oasis.



Monday, September 1, 2008

Yay for August

I loved august. it was great. i am so happy that we did so much rebuilding during that month. After a year of doing Moishe House, it seemed as though we had almost let all the air out just by being so exhausted and because Karen moved out and things like that. We had a nice meeting about how we would like to see Moishe House next year and the changes we might like to make and things like that, we painted our dining room(!) and we did some rearranging with some more rearranging to come. I am so happy to be renewing our term with Moishe House. I look forward to another year full of interesting and rewarding experiences.