Monday, April 5, 2010

Rachael, MHSS, 1st Quarterly 2010 - International MH time!

Spent some time at MH Hoboken upon my return from the Holy Land. Was really great! Got to meet Nati from MH Buenos Aires who was in the US for Hillel training. Was so cool to meet her and to have that MH connection!
My time at MH Hoboken happened to overlap their Tu B'Shevat seder / Shabbat (Tu B'Shevat seder compiled and led by one of MH Hobo's community members!). It was awesome! The evening brought together a couple different young professional Jewish community initiatives in Hoboken, or at least people involved with them and with MH Hobo; it was really great to meet and talk with people, find out about Jewish life in Hoboken and peoples' involvement with / relationship to MH Hoboken, and talk about how I am involved with MH from Maryland. Met 2 of the core members of MH Hoboken's new planning committee who were really great to talk to -- you know when you meet someone for a short while and think you would be friends if only the two of you lived anywhere near each other? That's the vibe I got from these girls. Very cool and on top of things. (Same vibe I got from the gal who led the Tu B'Shevat seder -- who, when I mentioned I had a friend who lives where she lives, immediately offered to provide rides for this person to & from MH Hobo, to reach out to them, etc. -- didn't even know if it was a guy or girl! Automatic friendliness. MH Hobo definitely has some solid, really great people in their community.)

Got some visions / hopes for MHSS for the coming months. Really excited about our newest MHers & some new MH initiatives panning out -- including MHSS Coffee House Open Mic & working with CREATE Arts Center, a non-profit I discovered that's right in our neighborhood. Enjoying continued discussions & partnership w/ MH Hobo & curious to experience what the National Retreat will be a catalyst for!

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