Sunday, April 4, 2010


Inter-house Collaboration - In what capacity does your Moishe House collaborate with other Houses? What are your ideas for new ways to collaborate with other Moishe Houses? How will this benefit your community? Feel free to think outside the box on this one and envision ways to utilize our global network.

Currently, our house actually doesn't really do much in the way of collaboration with other houses. What's sort of unfortunate about that is we live right across the bay from the Oakland house. Our two houses are probably the closest in proximity to one another of all the Moishe Houses, both nationally and internationally. We even get along really well with the Oakland folks. Danny and Ashley both used to LIVE in the Oakland house. Some of us from time to time attend their events (but not as much as we'd maybe like). Sometimes they come to our events. So I dunno. But we did come up with some fun ideas at the regional retreat, they just haven't panned out yet. We had tossed around the idea of a Battle of the Bay, pitting the East Bay and SF houses against each other for capture the flag, three legged races, and other silly camp-style games. We'd meet on Treasure Island, of course (for those of you that don't live in Northern CA, that's an island that is half way between the two sides of the bay, with a lot of big open fields and space), and invite our whole mailing list to come participate. It's just been rainy and cold and wintry since October. Maybe in May. Sounds fun, right?

We also often host/house folks from other moishe houses. Up until recently we had a full-fledged guest room, and now, even though we have a 5th roommate, we still have TONS of couch space. So, that's another sort of unofficial 'collaboration' albeit, not for events. This benefits our community however in that we have all sorts of visitors from Israel, Los Angeles, Argentina, Poland, coming by events and temporarily joining us here in our SF community.

Other types of inter-house collaboration that could be really cool would be some sort of recipe swap for Shabbat Dinners or other Jewish festival/feast meals - so that people from all around the world could try each other's foods and favorite recipes. We have some really American, Ashkenazi staples at all our food-related events, but wouldn't it be cool to have some New Orleans southern-style Creole food, some Rio de Janeiro tropical dishes, and who knows what's eaten for Shabbat in Cape Town! I'm curious. Then, all the recipes could go in a cookbook, and we could even sell it at each of our houses and make a little extra cash for the organization, as well as expand the culinary repetoires of our respective communities!


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