Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Hunt for Ready Rommates-MH Oakland-Joshua Walters

I was explaining recently to someone about my very interesting living situation. I told them I was looking for roommates, but that statement had to come with a lot of added information. "The situation is financially attractive but requires a time commitment and very special individual," I said. It's like a job with many finely tuned and ridiculously exclusive requirements. Once you narrow the population down to just Jews (probably at best 4% of the Bay Area), they have to be in their 20s (probably 15% of that 4%), out of college no less (maybe half of that 15% of 4%), but most of all a community organizer (...just plain rare...). "Wow," the person exclaimed, "that is exclusive...j.exclusive."

I recently found myself this month in need of not one but 2 two roommates, which had me out of the house on a sort of play date/audition/hang out evening extravaganza. The big room in our house is big enough for a couple so I headed to the other side of the neighborhood for a dinner date of burritos with a cozy couple I knew through spoken word. These folks were dream roommates, social, adult, intelligent, funny, they were already involved in their community and they even had "shabbatlucks" at there house once a month....if only. But before I could even ask, the guy said, "we both lived in co-ops for 5 years, were done with roommates." At least the burrito was good: a supper chicken burrito is the size of small child, bless that Oakland taco truck...more salsa please.

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