Saturday, April 3, 2010

Josh from MohoDen

Grt time of yr here. Weather is getting really nice and will be starting the bbqing and frisbee out in wash park again soon.

Seders were really great. Checked out the Denver University Hillel seder and then another with Elliot at our friend Amir's house. Amir is from Honduras and lived with both Elliot and I on American-Israeli high school kibbutz program back when we were all 16. Good times. We also hosted a kosher for passover shabbat dinner yesterday w much of our community hanging out late into the evening.

Right now - just enjoying life, keeping pretty busy, and lookin fwd to summer. For summer, our residents have diff opportunities and life changes coming up, so we'll all be looking for input at retreat for how to sustain our house here. Hope to learn from other houses on how they adapt.

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