Sunday, April 4, 2010

MoHoDen Passover

Hi all! We've had an exiting few weeks at MoHo Denver. After we dropped the ball on Purim (yes, we missed it) we ran full force into Passover. We hosted a Kosher for Passover Shabbat dinner on Friday and I believe it was one of our most successful events yet. We had a great crowd, delicious food from the local Kosher deli and stayed up well past midnight talking and laughing with one another. It was great to have friends rush over after work, some had to leave as soon as they ate, some returned after they left and others stayed all night. We had a first-timer who made a comment to me that this was the perfect, relaxed environment that she was looking for to start her weekend on a good note.

We also hosted a Bracket competition with money going to the new Ramah in the Rockies. It has been a great competition and we raised a bit of money for a good cause - always a good thing! People loved it and it definitely made the games more exciting to watch.

We have lots of plans for the next few months and hope that we continue to find new people who have been in hibernation throughout the winter. Chag Sameach!

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