Saturday, April 3, 2010

House Blog MH Chicago

At the Chicago Moishe house we had a really great time collaborating with other Moishe Houses at the Regional retreat in November. As we are a Moishe House with all new members in the fall, this was the first time that we were able to see how our house fit into the larger national, and even international scope of the Moishe House Program. This was very inspiring to our members and also extremely beneficial for expanding our house and incororpating the ideas and suggestions of Moishe House Veterans or "old pros." At the retreat we were able to trade ideas and even brainstorm different methods to reach out to our different communities. Since the retreat we have been able to collaborate via the Moishe Wiki database which stores different programs that have been put on for various occasions by different Moishe Houses. This provides a way for us to collaborate and also is a platform for us to correspond with different houses when we have questions about an event that another house has already put on. Having a video conference brainstorm to generate ideas about program ideas surrounding certain big holidays or events tight be another way for us to collaborate like we are able to do on the retreats. Moishe House Chicago definitely returned from the last large collaboration (on the Nov Retreat) excited and energized about our programing. This speaks to the large benefit we see in collaborating with other houses!

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