Monday, April 5, 2010

Omer - MH Cape Town - Personal Blog

Moishe House Cape Town, what a lovely place!

I came to South Africa at the beginning of the year, as a Shaliach from Israel. I am working with the Jewish community, especially the young adults in the community. Quickly, The rumor of Moishe house got in to my ear, and I decided to experience the magic.

I found myself moving into the house and getting so much out of it. The house mates welcomed me in such a nice way. The entire moving from one country to another could be quite difficult and very intimidating. The fact that I moved into an existing house with a daily routine and a monthly interesting programs running by us, the housemates, made it easier. I never thought that leaving Israel to work abroad could connect me to my Judaism so strong.

I'm trying to give my personal point of view to the House and try to think out of the box in many ways, such as: Jewish life in the Diaspora and its connection to Israel, the way Jewish people can live abroad and maintain their Judaism. The programs that we are running give me the opportunity to get to know more people from the community.

After almost a month living in the House we welcomed our new resident Roxanne. Roxi is a lovely person that is bringing a lot to our House. We are looking forward to get a new housemate in to the Moishe House Cape town.

Can wait to update my next Blog,

Truly yours

Omer Kalderon

Moishe House Cape Town

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