Monday, April 5, 2010

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This is my first time as a Moishe House member and I am thoroughly enjoying the experience. To live in a house dedicated to the South African Jewish community is very inspiring and a huge privilege. We have run some really fantastic programs these past 2 months and it is great to see how many young Jews want to be involved and active in programs during the year. I ran one of the programs on the topic of Jews in the Diaspora and the role of organisations like J street in having an impact on Israeli policy. The attendance of that event was really good and while not everyone agreed it created a space for debate and discussion within Jewish Youth.

Myself and the other house mates are continuously thinking about how we can run more events or be more creative to increase attendance. We have started a book club which will hopefully create a strong core group from which we can branch out.

I am heavily involved in my youth movement and as such find being a member of Moishe House such a good fit to what I do in my everyday life. As the oldest member of the house I feel I am also able to bring a different dynamic and make it an exciting place for the older young adults to come to.

All in all, the experience so far has been extremely positive and I am really looking forward to a jam packed April full of new faces and exciting events!

Jodi Wishnia

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