Monday, April 5, 2010

Einstein's Personal Blogg

I spelled blogg the European way with two G's. I did this to be difficult which is one of the reasons of Passover. The Jewish people were a difficult people for Ramses to deal with. They had gone from a small group of influential tribespeople to a huge population - overwhelming the general population of the Goshen area of Egypt. While we do not have population figures for the time period, lets be honest they didn't have birth control so there must have been a lot of them. Regardless, and to stymie the difficulties of hosting an alien people, the Jews were put to work building Pithom and Ramses, two major store cities that would house supplies in case of war or natural disaster. At MH Hoboken our issue is juxtaposed Ramses - we are the stranger in a strange land. We are the community organization for a community defined by its sojourning in foreign lands. Yet most community members, myself included, do not feel as if this is a completely foreign land. It is home but it needs a cultural addendum, a storage city of its own that can serve as a place were we can back up our cultural supplies for when we need to reinforce and repair them. That place is our house, MH Hoboken.

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