Monday, April 5, 2010

Rene Welch - MHMC personal Blog

Sometimes, we laugh about the profession of all the Moishe House Mexico City's residents, because to be honest it sounds like the beginning of some joke: "There is one philosopher, one economist and one mathematician; and then suddenly...", but I consider that our experience has been pretty successful.

So I guess I am gonna write about the creation of Moishe House in Mexico City. The first quarter was kinda weird, because we all didn't know exactly what kind of events we could do. We try a lot of experiments being the most successful the parties I guess, the least were all kind of events, for instance one night we plan as an event to play monopoly all night long, at the end we were so tired that we didn't play anymore; on the other hand we try to organize talks about all kinds of subjects: Judaism, Paul Auster and even sociology...

It was really hard to think in events that could interest some other people than us, I remember that one time I tried to talk my partners to dedicate one night to a talk about the mathematics behind the latest financial crisis; luckily we didn't. All though we organized some talks about subjects that I never imagine to attend, and the funny part it was that at least I really enjoyed them. Perhaps the easiest events to agree what to do, where the movie nights, at least until we start considering about what movie we were going to watch...

The last months we realize that to pursue the community building's goal, we could ask for help and assistance to our most frequent non - resident assistant, and that month we felt really grateful and proud because a lot of them were really up to this idea, even some cooked for one or two shabat's dinner, which it was really nice, not to worry about cooking for all the crowd that us to attend to those events. I consider right now we are pretty open to all kinds of suggestions from all kinds of people.

In conclusion I consider that moving into a Moishe House is one of the best decision I had make in my life and I am really happy about being part of this project, and thankful to my roommates for sharing this incredible experience.

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