Monday, April 5, 2010

Alix's Personal Blog April '10 (MHBOS)

I have several vivid memories of my first few weeks as a Moishe House resident - one of which was walking around the local reservoir with Annie, Margie, and Michelle discussing our personal, professional, and spiritual goals for the year to come. I remember sharing with them that over the last year I had lost touch with a part of myself - the part committed to feminism, environmentalism, and activism - and that I was looking forward to being in an environment that would allow this part of me to resurface.

As I recently sat in the packed South Street Church among activists spanning a range of ages, religions, and backgrounds, I was keenly aware that my inner activist had reawakened over the last eight months. Watching the state treasurer commit to taking action against Bank of America's unjust interest policies, I felt proud of Moishe/Kavod House for becoming part of GBIO (the Greater Boston Interfaith Organization), and I felt ready to begin taking larger steps towards putting my money where my mouth is. Among other things, I intend to transfer my own funds from Bank of America to a locally and ethically sound bank. But this entry isn't about me. It is about the power of individuals coming together to form a community and communities coming together to take action. Yes, I committed to making a change in my personal life, but - more importantly - I was a part of something bigger than myself.

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