Sunday, April 4, 2010

Ashley - MHSF

What a great last few months it has been! It is so great to be back living in a Moishe House and I especially am enjoy living in this San Francisco one! I think there are few things that make it so great. First of all San Francisco has such a great Moishe community. At almost every event we have new people show up, but also old friends, and moishe house regulars. The mix is really great!
It's never a dull night here in SF. Sometimes we think we have 5 people coming to an event and then 25 people will show up. For example, our shabbat dinner in March. We had about ten people RSVP and by the end of the night, over 30 people had come through the house!
I also feel very lucky to live with such great people. With five people, the house is always full of a fun energy! Whether it's just saying hello, have a great day in the morning, or everyone hanging out and eating together in the evening, it's a warm and fun atmosphere.
We have some great and diverse events coming up in April: a free movie at a venue across the street, and art project day, Yom Hashoah dinner, and sporting events--something for everyone. I think we do a great job making a diverse schedule but I think it would be great if there was a way for people to make suggestions about events they would like to attend. I also think it would be cool if people in the Moishe House community wanted to host their own events at our house.
I am new here. Those are my thoughts and ideas thus far!
-Ashley Warner MHSF

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