Monday, April 5, 2010


I'm pleased to report that all is well at Moishe House DC, especially now that Pesach is nearing its much-anticipated conclusion. Warm weather has finally arrived, which seems to transform DC into a wholly different city, or at least a more vibrant one. We know from experience that great weather draws more people to our home for Shabbat dinners and otherwise; while this can be hectic, there's something fulfilling about experiencing one hundred plus people in our home, sharing the Shabbat together. It's been a busy month, and I'd like to briefly touch on one event in particular -- our brunch with Lynn Schusterman. Lynn is a woman who is nothing short of remarkable; her tremendous generosity, and desire to ensure the continuity of the Jewish community -- especially via innovative initiatives like Moishe House -- is unmatched. Though Lynn's foundation has helped sustain our organization for some time now, due to her myriad obligations, she had yet to visit a Moishe House. She happened to be in town for AIPAC's Policy Conference, and she was kind enough to step away for a bit to join us for a meal. It was a wonderful brunch, attended by the residents of MHDC, a couple of MH Silver Springers, a couple of stellar community members, Dave Cygielman, Dave's buddy Jordan, Lynn, and MH HQ's newest addition, Jen Kraus Rosen. The food was delicious and the conversation inspiring. It was a pleasure to give a little bit back to the woman who gives us so much, and we hope that it's the first visit of many to Moishe Houses around the world. Here's to a busy, sunny spring!


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