Friday, April 30, 2010


In September we asked you to discuss short and long term goals for your Moishe House.

Short term: have lots of fun with great weather and our growing community
Long term: ensure moishe house keeps thriving in Denver community

Please revisit this post and evaluate your progress since it was written. Have you achieved goals that you initially set for your house? If not, please discuss why. Did your goals change? Did more pressing needs arise?

We only became a house in October

Taking all this into account, please evaluate your goals for the next three months for your Moishe House. Please give concrete examples of both qualitative and quantitative goals.

Having lots of fun -- ensuring at least 80% satisfaction rate from event attendees
Keeping moishe house thriving -- increasing number of individuals who want to be a future member of Moho Denver

If your house was not active in September, please use this blog as an opportunity to discuss your goals for your Moishe House for the next year. three years and five years.

Increasing awareness among Denver jewish community about Moishe House through long-term partnerships with ramah, hillels, hebrew alliance center, rose community foundation, homeless shelters, etc

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