Sunday, May 2, 2010

MH Providence - Version 3.0?

Last September MHPVD set the following three goals: 1) to expand our programming to include Jewish and Tikkun Olam events, and 2) to grow our community, which currently includes primarily students and alumni of Brown University. By all measures, both goals have been achieved. Our house made progress towards both goals by seeking external partnerships and collaborations. Many of our partnerships were conducted with other Jewish organizations in the community, which helped increase the percentage of Jewish and Tikkun Olam events in our portfolio. Additionally, by seeking new partnerships, we were able to expand the Moishe community to include new people.

In the next three months we have three specific goals. Firstly, we will identify community members to take on the privileges and responsibilities of being MHPVD residents. We will also facilitate the transition of residents to ensure that MHPVD programming is not interrupted. Secondly, we will make extra efforts to increase attendance at mid-week programs by 100%, effectively doubling participation. Thirdly, we will solicit more co-planners and partners in our regular program offerings. The events lined up for May, June and July will require an extra level of community participation which will enrich the diversity and appeal of MHPVD programs.

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Jeremy Moskowitz said...

Great blog! What steps do you plan on taking to increase attendance at mid-week events?