Monday, April 5, 2010

Axel - MH Buenos Aires - Personal Blog

Hi everybody i´m Axel from Buenos Aires,the great city on the south. This time i wanted to talk about the importance of living together and understanding each other.

It´s not easy when 4 people have to live together having their own life,and also having to work in a mutual project. We have really different agendas and it´s really hard for the 4 of us to be in the same event together.So we learned what are our preferences and interest (they are very different) and we use it to decide who will be in charge of some events related with preferences. In my case I love Shabbat dinners for everybody and dinners for friends. In this dinners for friends i prefer to invite just a few people so we can talk and know better each one. This is one of the ways i understand building the Jewish community. Because this new people we invite feel really comfortable (or at least we try to ) and valued. In massive events we don´t have time to do it with each one.

And i love the way the events ¨appears¨, i mean we usually have the calendar events , but lots of times people decide to come and ask us to do something that we didn´t expected. And most of the days of the week we have people roundind here, not as a event, but they feel they can come here and have nice time. Usually they come to have tea/coffee or lunch. I love it, and people also.

Bye everybody!!!!
pesaj kasher be sameaj

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