Sunday, April 4, 2010

Cooperation with outher Moishe Houses

Last summer we had a chance to meet the Budapest Moishe House. It was just a beginning for them but it was a fantastic opportunity to talk to someone about their ideas and tell them our experiences with organizing events and much other stuff.
It's too bad that now after half a year we have no chance to hear back from them and ask if it help in any way. Maybe the Budapest community is very different than the one in Warsaw and the experience cannot be exchanged? That's possible but I think that it's much more likely that we can help each other do this even better than we already do. Either way there definitely should be a way to communicate better.
The problem with this rather obvious conclusion is also obvious: how?
Travel would be an easy answer, but it is both costly and inefficient. So what if we can exchange knowledge with Budapest if we still don't know how London is doing? And even if we go straight from Budapest to London, then they don't know about each other’s experiences. And who has time these days to travel around the world during the semester?
I think the answer to this problem is easier than it looks. In fact you're looking at it right now :) Reading the Moishe House blog and sharing your experiences here is the most effective, yet free way to learn about other Moishe Houses. Maybe a forum would be even better? That's quite possible but it would also be much harder to use. This blog on the other hand, with the obligation for writing on it (which is treated by us more as a motivation and reminder) is perfect - easy, accessible and informative. Why would we ever need anything more?

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