Monday, April 5, 2010

tutti frutti

I write this just after returning from the Green Mill Poetry Slam, which back in the day was the first poetry slam in existence, and, more recently, is our latest Moishe event. Tonight traveling poets from New York and around the world came together on stage to talk about everything from race, to losing their virginity, to Little Richard's legacy (being a fierce gay man in the '50s black community, if you're wondering), and in the middle of it, I had a really nice moment looking around at my roommates and some friends we'd brought together and giggling at the "wap bam ih do bap di dap bam boom" coming from the stage. It made me excited for the network of inside jokes we're building. That network is, of course, closely connected to the network of freshly baked challah lovers, eaters and bakers. Not to mention the network of justice makers, marchers, and mind speakers. My best moments in Moishe so far have been when my favorite things about Judaism come out and build through our programming. Looking forward to doing more social justice oriented programs in the new quarter. And, inspired by my visit to Moishe house New Orleans, I think we need some chickens.

Can't even wait to see ya'll outside of Austin!


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