Monday, April 5, 2010

Passover at MoHo OC

Moishe House has created a new vehicle for me to practice my Judaism with friends. For me the last few years of Passover have been spent at my aunt and uncles house where my uncle leads the ceremony. It’s pretty much the same food, service and conversation each year. It’s not that I don’t enjoy tradition, in fact I actually really do there is something I find very warm and comforting about it. But this year we decided to start our own tradition. We ran a Seder at our Moishe House for people that are not fortunate enough to have family or friends close by that they can celebrate the holiday with.
The night began slow as I would say all events do when new people gather in the same room for the first time. But within 20 minutes and everyone having time to meet one another and become more comfortable with each other the decibel level in the room began to rise. Also due to being a workday for most the night had a rather late start. Food was being prepared as the guests were showing up and stomachs were beginning to growl shortly after. We decided to break from tradition and offer our guests the option of eating before the Seder. Everyone decided they wanted to eat so we did.
My roommate being the amazing chef he is put a twist on the meal adding almost a new life to Seder food for me. Our Gifilte fish was absolutely amazing. One was fairly traditional but made from Salmon and the other was not so traditional. It was made with Mahi Mahi and then seared (yes it was Kosher). Once again it’s not that I don’t enjoy my families cooking it’s just that after 27 years of the same cook for Seder it was nice to have a new zest to the evening meal. The brisket, kugel, morror and everything else was divine or in the words of Kevin Sorbo “it was like the fruit of the gods”.
We ended up running a reverse Seder. And it was a success!

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