Monday, April 5, 2010

How to find new Moisheniks to pass the baton to?

That's the question Nathaniel and I have been mulling over in Moishe House Providence. We are painfully aware that our Moishe experience will be coming to a close at the end of this summer (because Nathaniel will be starting medical school, but I guess I'll also – oy ve – be migrating out of the age range) and are in the process of figuring out the process for transitioning. Yes, in the process of figuring out the process, because we haven't developed our process yet. We'd ideally like to find Moisheniks who aren't already members of our community so that our community can grow, but this means reaching out beyond our community. I fortuitously met a young Jew yesterday who was very intrigued by Moishe, but besides those lucky encounters, how to find new potential Moisheniks? How have other Moishe houses done this in the past? Might this be a good opportunity for institutional collaboration, i.e. to put the word out through other local Jewish-oriented organizations? We're very (very) sad to no longer be Moishe hosts, but we’d like to find potential hosts sooner rather than later, so we can choreograph a smooth transition. Comments from other houses and staff are much appreciated!

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Jeff said...

It's not easy finding new people for a moishe house. there isn't a simple answer, and craigslist certainly doesn't work.

We're lucky in new orleans to have an avodah house and this is one place we're looking for new roommates. We're also looking to the local universities that have jewish associations for grad students. it also doesn't hurt to be in contact with the federation.

Hope this helps,
Moishe Nola