Monday, April 5, 2010


Moishe House Cape Town is very closely partnered with the Johannesburg house, as a few of the housemates (in the two separate houses) are friends. Also, because the communities in Cape Town and Johannesburg are similar in many ways, we feel like we have quite a strong connection to the other members. However, because we live so far away from any of the other houses and very rarely travel overseas, we do not have much of a chance to collaborate with any of them. However, one of our housemates (Omer), has been to the USA and even lived there for an extensive period of time, which allows us some kind of connection.

Moishe House Cape Town would like to start collaborating with Moishe Houses all over the world, because we feel it would benefit our community greatly. It would give us the chance to host guest speakers when they travel to the country and include them in our events. It would also give us, the Jewish youth, the opportunity to educate our community on Jewish news, events and opinions from overseas, many of which would be very different and therefore interesting to hear, from our own. It would give the Jewish youth a greater incentive to hold more worldly-based events, where we look at different historical, religious and current events concerning Judaism, from various points of view. For example, we would like to know what the Jewish community, if in existence at all, is like in countries such as Beijing and Mexico, compared to our own.

We have been thinking of a few ways in which we could start to collaborate with other Moishe Houses and have decided to consider sending an email to a few of the houses, where we introduce ourselves and talk a little bit about our community and the events we run. In response, we would like to know more about theirs, thereby starting a kind of Internet-based pen-pal exchange. This would give us a lot more ideas concerning the events we run, allowing us to educate and entertain our community in new and interesting ways. Another idea we have thought of is to have internationally-based dinners, where we invite over a few friends and eat a certain country’s cuisine, while learning a bit about that country, so as to expand our knowledge of countries overseas, allowing for an easier collaboration between Moishe House Cape Town and other houses overseas.

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