Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Moishe House OC - Rae Gross

I have a worm compost in the backyard of the MoHoOC that I brought with me from my previous apartment. With the help of a friend we built the box, I bought the worms, and the project was off. I still feed my worms weekly (although they can't keep up with all the waste we produce at the house) and I think it is nice to make small gestures like these to environmentalism.

I am always surprised when I get called a Hippie for my efforts with my worm compost (which is small), but I think that is the attitude toward people that make small steps to being more environmentally friendly.

At the Moishe House I have also looked for ways decrease our carbon footprint, including installing more efficient light bulbs, using biodegradable products (i.e. utensils made from corn, recycled cups, etc.)

And this month we are taking it one step further by starting the process of installing an organic garden in our back yard. While not every Moishe House has the luxury to have a garden, I feel it is important that we be good stewards of not only the local Jewish community, but also the environment.

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