Monday, April 5, 2010

Slawson DC's Personal Blog

There is something great I’ve noticed over the past two months about my house. Recently, I invited my neighborhood Book Club to have the next meeting at my humble abode. When the email was sent out by the Book Club leader about the next meeting it did not simply say my address or just “Sarah’s house;” they referred to it as Moishe House.

Then just last week I helped organize a large scale three day poetry event in town. I had not seen the programs for the event before they went to print. When I got to the Thank You page at the back I was delighted to see that Moishe House was thanked for the two planning meetings that were held there.

Our house is neatly situated amongst the row houses of Adam’s Morgan. You can’t tell from the outside (aside from our doormat, of course) that we house a program inside and even friends who visit sometimes don’t really know what our house is about. Yet somehow the two communities above realized that our house is something different and special. What’s more is that it has permeated the vernacular in the greater community. When people say Moishe House it means something to them in DC.

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