Monday, April 5, 2010

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So March has flown by and It still seems that just yesterday it was the New Year and the whole year was ahead of us! March has been a bitter sweet month as we have had to say good bye to one of our house mates, but have been blessed with two new amazing house mates: Roxi and Julian.

Roxi’s move in has been exceptionally smooth, already it seems like she has been living with us for ages! We are very excited for Julian to move in as well. Omer and I are looking forward to bonding with both of them, and sharing an incredible time in the moishe house this year.

We had a great month of events in March, with the highlight for me definitely being the Jewish Movie night. We watched some cool clips from some movies and after had a very interesting discussion on the effect of Diaspora Jews on the Hollywood film industry. All in all it was a very fun night and everyone thoroughly enjoyed it.

It seems that things are picking up in speed and Moishe House Cape Town is ready to tackle the new month!

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