Monday, April 5, 2010


Happy Passover to all.

I am reading a lot about food lately. The latest book that I am reading is called "Eating Animals," by one of my favorite authors Jonathan Safran Foer. While the book focuses mainly on the way that animal products are delivered to our dinner table, there is another theme in his book that is relevant to my time as a Moishe House resident.

JSF talks about the idea of, "table fellowship," which is basically the bond that is shared by eating meals together. He comments that throughout history eating together is the activity that bonds people together the strongest. This got me thinking. Maybe it is no mistake that our most popular events at Moishe House are Shabbat dinners. These dinners are regular (we have them at least twice a month, every other week) and are a time for our Moishe House Community to gather over food, and a Jewish tradition. I personally enjoy the fact that this tradition of forming human connection over food is something that humans have been feeling for a long time. Moishe house has been a great way to share many meals, meet new people and create a meaningful community in Chicago. It is fun for me to think that this community has been shaped, maybe only in a small capacity, by sharing meals and laughter together.

See you in Austin everyone!

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