Monday, April 5, 2010

A few bits of wisdom

I will share a few valuable lessons I learned while living here the
past 9 months.

- Compartmentalize your time. When you focus on your main job, school
work, business, or whatever it is you do during the day, don't get
distracted. Yes, put all your effort into completing whatever task
you are focused on, with prejudice. Nothing, not even Moishe House
should come in the way. Similarly, once you are devoting your time to
Moishe House activities, focus 100% on that. Single-tasking is the
greatest virtue in being effective with your time.

- Optimize. Reuse an old meeting agenda as a quick template for a new
one. Focus on the essentials of your responsibilities. Delegate
mundane housekeeping tasks to others. Keep records of house and event
related purchases for future use. Use a plain text editor instead of
a word processor, especially when presentation is not an issue.

- Don't waste time. Keep meetings short. Force yourself to fit the
agenda in the available time. Write short, but to-the-point emails.
Communicate briefly, but concisely.

- Don't over-exert yourself. Don't stick around for an event longer
than your have to, when you don't want to. Don't commit to more than
you think you can comfortably handle. Step away from the spotlight
when it becomes too bright. Ask for help when you're struggling.
Adjust your schedule. No-one expects you to carry the world on your
shoulders like Atlas. Feel free to leave a heated debate or a
meeting. Protect your emotions.

- Don't lie to yourself. Say no to responsibilities you know you will
procrastinate indefinitely on, or worse, not do. Delegate to someone
who is more eager to take the challenge. Don't accept a
responsibility simply because it is "your turn."

- Relax, and retreat if necessary. Moishe House will survive without
your immediate presence. Your room-mates will either pick up the
slack when you are struggling, or the task will simply get dropped.
In the latter case, the task is most likely not that important.
Either way, life will go on. Few circumstances are truly mission

I urge you all to consider these tips as a guide to get you through
tough times at the Moishe House, or other daily ordeals.

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