Monday, April 5, 2010

MH Vienna - March House Blog - Inter House Collaberation

hi! As an idea for an inter-house collaboration we have thought to take ad advantage of

the other houses that are not that so geographically far from us (Budapest etc.). We can either make a one day program that will include sevral people who are related to our house and the other house will bring his people, we can meet in a neutral place and have a fun day together according to the budget, feedback of the participants etc. A few thoughts that we had were to go to a Spa somewhere or to have a sport day somewhere that includes a BBQ .

Another option is to host around 10 people from a different house one weekend in Vienna and after a while we will be hosted by the same house with some people that we will bring.

We would love to hear additional ideas and we are always ready to assist other houses.

Regards and Chag Smeach from Vienna

Dani,Michael and Tal

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