Monday, April 5, 2010

Kellyn's MHO Personal Blog- "Jumpstart"

I'm coming up on my first full year at MH Oakland- and it has been fabulous. I've had so much fun, made so many new friends, and learned so much about myself as a 2010 Jew. There is a certain fatigue that settles on me sometimes when our big monthly Shabbat rolls around, the feeling that this has happened before, and this will happen again. The last time I went to a MH Retreat- at the Orange County house, gorgeous- it really renewed my faith in myself as a Moishe-ite. At the regional retreat, I was given fresh-eyes on what event possibilities are out there. I came away from that weekend feeling connected to this very large West Coast community of people going through the same stuff I was going though. I've been thinking about this sense of a "jumpstart" with the National Retreat fast approaching. I am so excited to feel again that sense of connectivity, because that is, ironically, exactly what each of us is aiming to do in our own houses. I'm also looking forward to bragging about MH Oakland's "Beer Schmear" and "Art Car Show" and generally all of our awesome events. And Oakland's partnership with various organizations to put on some great events. I feel that by sharing our common experiences, we can come up with some amazing hybrids of events and partnership ideas.

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