Monday, April 5, 2010

Moishe House Chisinau - House Blog

The idea of collaboration with other houses appeared before our M.H. was opened. We thought a lot about the way of collaboration but then I remembered my Postcrossing Hobby. I used to buy postcards to send then in different countries, so we bought funny cards, stamps and wrote small messages to M.H. residents in different counties. Then we thought it would be nice if such way of collaboration became a tradition.

But, I believe there could be more interesting ways of our collaboration. We’d be very glad if M.H. residents visited us, so we’d like to visit other Houses as well. I hope that in nearest future we won’t be the single M.H. in F.S.U. We look forward collaborating with Ukraine and Russia. These countries are close to Moldova and maybe someday a residential exchange will be possible.

All M.H. have common ideas but they are very different at the same time. Collaborating gives possibility to expand our way of thinking and make new programs.

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