Monday, April 5, 2010

MH Budapest March Blog - Inter House Collaberation

Since the beginning of Moishe House Budapest, it has been working in partnership. It comes naturally from us, because all three of us lived abroad and we have a lot of international connections and friendships. I like this a lot in our century, that it makes the international collaborating more easy through mobile phone, internet and other way of networking like facebook, skype etc.

Our inter-house collaborations started even before we started our House last September. I spent one month in the summer, in Poland, and I knew that, there is a Moishe House there. I wanted to meet desperately with the residents of Warsaw MoHo but we were so busy, that we couldn’t meet. But the funny thing, one week later they came to Budapest. So what we missed in Warsaw we made it in Budapest! We met in the center of Budapest, in the very popular park called Gödör and they came with a huge poster said “Moishe House Warsaw”. J We were drinking and talking till midnight and they shared their experiences with us. It was very good, because we got some practical guidelines how to start our MoHo.

The next idea was that we could visit our nearest neighbor Moishe House in Vienna. Unfortuntelly this idea still needs to translate into action.

But the greatest idea we had one month ago, when we visited MoHo London. There was a Masorti Conference we visited there with one of my flat mates and we took a group of people to visit the London Moishe House, because there were a lot of young people from France, Spain, Germany and the Netherlands where there is no Moishe House (yet). So Joel invited us to show them how it is works. And when I was there, I realized I’m acting like at home and I really felt at home!! After the one hour long discussion we went out in the night and we agreed with Joel that we should make an exchange program, like we move in their House and they move in our House and we live each other’s life for a week or two. I know it sounds like a crazy idea, but I think it’s not impossible! Let’s go for it! ;)

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