Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Collaboration is essential to communal success.  If not for collaboration we wouldn't have It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, the Fugees, Superbad, the Traveling Wilburys and a whole bunch of scientific discoveries.  It is thanks to collaboration that P. Diddy, Ja Rule, and Timbaland even have careers. Collaboration can save something from going wrong ala Run DMC saving an otherwise forgettable Aerosmith song or Jay Z making Linkin Park bearable for one brief track, or can enhance an already good endeavor (see: Alicia Keyes on "Empire State of Mind").

At MoHo Dallas we understand the importance of collaboration.  We are the newest Ho in the neighborhood, having only been around for a month but already we see the importance of teamwork.  As we continue to grow MoHo Dallas in our own backyard we have come to realize the utility of relying on our friends and neighbors to make our events stronger and our community tighter.  We have much to learn and are excited to take in the lessons from the milestones and missteps of the MO' fathers who came before us.  We see the upcoming retreat as an excellent collaborative opportunity.  Meeting everyone face to face will make future inter-house collaborations a more organic and comfortable endeavor.

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